As a life-long student of cities, I find inspiration in what’s worked before and take an informed approach to avoid the mistakes of the past. This field has been the focus of my academic career at Oklahoma State University (BA, Geography), Ohio State University (MA, City and Regional Planning) and the AmeriCorps service program. My career since college has included experiences in think tanks, the affordable housing industry, and public administration. 

  • During my undergrad, I volunteered for the successful 2009 campaign for modern streetcar in Oklahoma City

  • I conducted statistical research on reducing Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) at CEOs for Cities, a Cleveland State University-based economic development and sustainability think tank

  • 1 year of AmeriCorps service doing technical assistance for historic preservation and urban design review in low-income neighborhoods of Cleveland, and organized the Historic Preservation in America’s Legacy Cities conference

  • Competed in the Hines Urban Design Competition as part of my urban planning capstone at Ohio State

  • Published my thesis on Public-Private Partnerships for Transit-Oriented Development

  • Served as the Preservation Advocacy Fellow in 2015-2016 for the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s advocacy branch

All of these academic experiences led me to a career in the affordable housing industry, where I’ve worked for national consultancies, financial institutions, and local leadership, helping to bring over 10,000 affordable housing units to fruition. I came to Denver to work on some of the nation’s most innovative affordable housing projects, and I have observed a need for this innovation to spread to other communities and institutions that are still operating like it’s 2007.


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