tod chart

Thesis topic: Exploring the relationship between TOD and transit modal choice.

Since these photo tours are all scattershot in different posts throughout this blog, this will serve to consolidate all of them into one resource. The goal of all of these photo tours is to visualize deeper perspective on the physical environments that envelop these transit systems.

These cities are not Portland or Seattle. They are also not NYC or LA. These are the cities that lead the way in showing how transit can transform the typical American city.

DALLAS – DART Photo Tour

DENTON COUNTY – A-Train Photo Tour

KANSAS CITY – KC Streetcar Spoiler PostKC Streetcar Photo Tour

TWIN CITIES – Original Metro TOD Photo Tour – Recovered Photos

CLEVELAND – Photo Tour of the Slow-but-Steady Rapid

DETROIT – The Coolest Transit Project in America: M-1 Rail

WASHINGTON – Bikes the New NewsWMATA TOD Tour